Drumatic is a VST drum synthesizer that provides a combination of subtractive, FM and wavetable synthesis to generate results.

You can use this application with any VST host system that supports plug-ins. Drumatic is now available for both 32-bit and 64-bit hosts. Just extract the ZIP folder and copy the DLL file to the plug-in folder of the host application.

The Controls are user-friendly and all knobs or sliders from the interface have three editing modes: Normal (drag with the mouse pointer), Fine (hold down the SHIFT key with dragging the mouse), Mousewheel (modify parameters using the mousewheel movements).

You have a selection of 10 sounds at your disposal. They are displayed as tabs in the upper part of the interface. You can rename them by double clicking on their name or your can right-click on them to copy, paste, save or randomize sounds. All sound tabs have an identical structure.

Drumatic provides two stereo noise oscillators for each sound. There are over 30 noise types that can be used, allowing you to generate the best possible results.

Filters can be applied to each of the three sections of the sound feature. There are a few type of filters that can be used: 6dB filters (do not contain resonance and feature Low / High pass and Low / High shelf), 12dB filters (Low / Band / High pass, Low / Peak / High shelf and Band reject).

This application enables you to set each of the 10 sounds to a specific key range on your keyboard. It provides real-time control over the sounds you create.

Drumatic is a good addition for music enthusiasts who require a means of creating flexible and variable synthetic drum sounds.