Drum tracks can be very helpful for musicians, but a common issue with them is that they simply don’t sound realistic enough, as they lack the variation that is always present when using a real set of drums.

DrumThrash is a feature-packed application that can help you create your own drum tracks without too much effort, and it provides you with the tools you need to make them sound as realistic as possible.

To make things easier for first-time users, the application is bundled with a set of high-quality drum samples, and you can load a demo project to get a good idea of how a drum track will sound once put together.

Moreover, DrumThrash includes a fairly extensive user manual that provides detailed explanations and instructions to help you get used to how the program works.

DrumThrash enables you to create beats using multi-sampled drum packs. A random sample will be chosen for each hit automatically, which means the end-product will sound much more realistic. Moreover, you can set random velocity ranges or control this parameter manually.

The application makes it possible to create any time signature, and you can add tempo changes at any division in order to create odd time signatures. A lot more parameters can be customized, so you have the power to create a drum beat that sounds just right.

An application like DrumThrash has many potential uses, such as producing backing tracks for guitar players or as a metronome that helps you stick to a consistent rhythm. The user interface looks somewhat outdated, but the layout is intuitive enough, and the comprehensive documentation that is bundled with the software is very helpful for first-time users.