DTAB is a drum TAB editor that allows users to create and fine-tune all their rhythms and beats, thanks to an immediate audio feedback availability.

The interface is extremely easy to grasp and all users have to do is introduce a couple of notes and instrument sounds in the main panel. The primary window  is split into sections that hold the notes and instruments.

After you’re done with that, you can listen to the audio files via the integrated player. In case you don’t want to hear the whole bar of notes, you can have just a part of the notes played via a loop mode.

Users can choose notes in the simple interface, but they can also change and customize the drum kit. Among the primary kit sounds are the bass drum, snare drum, and a whole set of cymbals.

Additionally, MIDI sounds can be added as well via Microsoft MIDI Mapper and integrated Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth. The latter is especially useful to reproduce MIDI sounds on a PC without external devices. In DTAB you can check all your available MIDI sounds in the SoundSets option. Additionally, users can make adjustments to notes, main screen bar, and tempo.

The tool also comes with support for common TAB notations (accents, flams, doubles and ruffs), user-defined time signatures, editing mode controlled via mouse or keyboard, printing previews, as well as bar comments.

However, DTAB’s file importing and exporting options are limited. Files can be added only in native TAB format, while exporting options are TAB and MIDI, which makes exported files a bit more compatible with other drum editors.

DTAB is a highly accessible and versatile application built for professional and amateur drummers, including average users who just plan to create a simple beat. All users have to do is arrange a tempo and a couple of instruments, and hit play.