DTMF Tone Decoder is a professional software application designed to help audio technicians analyze WAV files. It comes with support for spectrum analyzer, WAV recorder/player with built-in looping options, sine wave and white noise generator, oscilloscope, as well as a DTMF decoder with real-time results.

The tool adopts a user-friendly layout that is made up of several panels with each one integrating parameters for visualizing the WAV spectrum, working with a basic WAV player, and enabling scan functions for DTMF decoding.

DTMF Tone Decoder gives you the possibility to play or stop the current audio selection, specify the start and end point for looping the audio stream, record data, scan for DTMF tones, as well as view the filename, sample rate, bit resolution, elapsed time, remaining time and level indicator for each audio file.

The built-in analyzer helps you make several adjustments to different audio parameters, such as decay, frequency scale factor, bandwidth, and spectrum gain. In addition, you are allowed to freeze the spectrum, automatically read and display the peak frequency, enable the pick holding mode, as well as show a grid.

When it comes to DTMF decoding parameters, you may experiment with an adjustable frequency matrix in order to decode frequency audio files (that may have been recorded incorrectly or with inaccurate playback speeds).

What’s more, you can use a generator for setting up the frequency addition, WAV form and output level, check out the spectrum of the audio file, and save the current settings to a file so you can import them in your future editing projects.

Last but not least, you are allowed to choose the input and output device, alter the color of bars embedded in the main and background spectrum, convert MP3 files to WAV file format, normalize WAV items, split stereo items into two mono files, as well as swap channels in WAV file.

All in all, DTMF Tone Decoder proves to be a reliable audio application that integrates a handy suite of tools for analyzing WAV files, and is suitable especially for power users.