Working on a long and challenging project might go smoother if you break it down in smaller tasks that you can complete gradually. DueFocus is one of the apps that can help you track these tasks as you go along.

This application is meant to be used by all your team members, to help you get a clear picture of all the sub-tasks that have been already completed, as well as the ones that are currently in progress.

This is why it makes sense for each colleague to create their own account, that they can even assign a relevant photo to. This way, when they report working on a job, it becomes obvious which person should take the credit.

What sets DueFocus apart from other time tracking utilities is that you can integrate it with a wide range of platforms, such as Trello, Github, Asana, Jira, GitLab, Bitbucket, Wunderlist, Visual Studio, Odoo, Todoist, Teamwork, Redmine, Zoho, Microsoft Todo, Outlook, YouTrack or Google Calendar.

As soon as you identified your platform of choice, you will be able to track the time you spent on your project and organize your team more efficiently.

DueFocus allows you to analyze the quality of the time you reported by labeling it as useful or simply relaxation periods. Moreover, you can plan how much time you expect to spend on each task, while also adding manual intervals when something extra requires your attention on the spot.

All in all, DueFocus can help you increase your own and your team's productivity by automating the process of time reporting, no matter the platform you are using to complete tasks or track bugs. You can also assign flags to each job, so that it become evident which tasks are critical and which ones can be postponed.