Long-term use of the computer can easily lead to forgetting about duplicate files resulting in an attempt to structure your project resources. These might not pose any risk to the PC health status, but can end up eating a lot of disk space. Luckily, there are various specialized applications like Duplicate File Finder which can detect and remove them.

Setup is over before you realize, and you’re also offered to have the program launched as soon as the installer closes. With the window up, you quickly get the hang of things, mostly because of the familiar ribbon menu. A side panel is there to help you select the directory you wish to scan, while functions are selected from the ribbon menu.

Configuring the scan operation is not a difficult task. You need to select the folder of interest from the navigation pane, while the upper menu provides options for quick filters, such as ignoring Windows, programs, Recycle Bin, AppData, and hidden directories, as well as hidden and read only files.

The scan process doesn’t really take a lot of time, but this mostly depends on the weight of the target directory. You can choose to ignore subdirectories in an attempt to narrow down results and minimize search time. The log is updated in real-time, but it’s only recommended to interact with items after the scan process.

In case no files are detected in the process, the application can look up files with the same size, values. Needless to say that you must pay close attention to them, because they might just be coincidences. Luckily, the program doesn’t remove anything without your consent.

Taking everything into account, Duplicate File Finder provides an intuitive method of identifying similar, if not duplicate files on your computer in an attempt to help you save some disk space. The design is sure to quickly get you up and running, while the whole process hardly takes several minutes.