With the help of Duplicate Filter you can rapidly locate duplicate files and remove them while keeping the original items, in order to free up space and declutter the system. It can verify files using their names, CRC checksums, size, and MP3 tags.

The setup procedure is fast and simple. Wrapped up in a user-friendly GUI, Duplicate Filter invites you to perform a new scan by selecting the scan scop, whether we're talking about directories or entire drives.

After select the file comparison mode, you can narrow down search results by filtering files by type, such as documents, pictures, movies or music. It's also possible to adjust the scan speed to favor either a fast job or minimal impact on computer performance.

The file types included in each category may be deleted, while new ones can be added to the documents, pictures, archives, videos, music, or custom categories.

On scan completion, Duplicate Filter shows pie charts with the number, size and type of duplicate files, in addition to the name, full path, dimension, date of modification and CRC, along with the MP3 title, artist and album of each item. Identical files are grouped together by color, so you can tell them apart easier.

You can make a selection in multiple ways: all files except the first one in each group, oldest or newest one in each group, invert selection, all items, all in specified folders, or unselect all.

Duplicate Filter can resolve issues with one click. It can move them to the Recycle Bin or any other custom directory on the disk (with or without their original folder structure), permanently delete them from the computer, or rename them. Plus, you can open a file's location in Windows Explorer without leaving Duplicate Filter's interface.

As far as program settings are concerned, you can exclude the system folder and hidden files from the scanner operations, set the file date and size scope to filter results, create a whitelist or blacklist with file types, or hide pie charts.

Other tools put at your disposal include a file CRC comparison tool (for two files), a removal function for the largest files, along with a folder size explorer which shows scanner results hierarchically, starting with the largest folder after verifying all disks.

The software application worked smoothly in our tests, without triggering the OS to hang, crash or display error messages. It left a small footprint on system resources, using low CPU and RAM.

Taking into account all of the above, Duplicate Filter proves to be a reliable duplicate file searcher that contains a lot of handy tools and customization settings for narrowing down scan results. It should satisfy rookies and advanced users alike.