If Microsoft Outlook is your go-to email client, you're probably interested in nifty little plugins that can help you become more productive, especially when you have to juggle numerous emails on a daily basis.

For example, Duplicate Outlook Items Report is an addin capable of cleaning the inbox, outbox and any other folders within your Outlook account in order to find and remove duplicate items. By keeping only the original copies, you can free up space, declutter your emails and make room for new ones.

Provided that you already have Microsoft Outlook installed on your computer, setting up this extension should be pretty easy. It can be asked to search any preferred folder for duplicate messages while including or excluding subfolders, depending on your preference.

While it's working through the information, you can check out the total number of processed folders and size as well as number of identified duplicates. All this data can be copied to the clipboard or saved to file for later inspection.

As far as other options are concerned, you can set the tool to decrypt secure messages, continue execution even after encountering errors (instead of stopping), and to show diagnostic details for troubleshooting purposes.

As you can tell, Duplicate Outlook Items Report is pretty straightforward and doesn't offer more control over the entire process. For example, it doesn't contain filters with message size or date range. It does have an option dedicated to advanced duplicate detection  but the way it works is unclear.

All aspects considered, Duplicate Outlook Items Report offers a fast and easy method to find and remove duplicate messages from your Microsoft Outlook account. Unfortunately, it comes packed with a pretty light set of options.