Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro enables you to clear up memory on your hard disk by identifying and deleting clone photos. The program is powerful and it can identify not only duplicate images but also pictures that resemble one another, based on content comparison.

One of Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro’s main advantages is that it can identify similar images, as well as identical ones. The program can analyze the files, based on the criteria you set, namely the matching level, bitmap size, timestamp differences and GPS location. You can easily adjust any of these parameters to the desired levels.

Moreover, you can enable the option you prefer: exact match or similar match. For optimal results, the second option is recommended since it can identify more significant results. You may add several photos to the analysis list or you can even load one or more folders, for image comparison. The program can easily ignore another type of files in the directories.

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro displays the similar images in pairs, offering you large thumbnails previews. Viewing large images is essential for identifying which item you wish to delete, especially when the pictures are not identical.

The program can also read each file’s metadata and indicate the filename, size, date of creation, resolution, zoom ratio, exposure or ISO speed. It can also detect light parameters, camera model, color space and GPS coordinates, for an accurate comparison. You can select one or more photos from each group, but you must preserve at least one image per group.

To make your task easier, Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro can automatically mark the photos for deletion. This function enables it to maintain only one picture per group and erase the rest. It can also calculate the total file size, based on the selection you make, which represents the HDD space you can clear up.