Duplicates Cleaner, as the name suggests, is an application that aims to help users get rid of duplicate files occupying space on a PC for no reason. Unfortunately, this is an application that bases itself on an excessively used formula, thus raising expectations to a level that could very difficultly be reached.

The first thing you'll notice is the program's appearance. While it's nothing to be scared about, it definitely seems to have embraced a simplistic approach. Buttons are accurately labeled, yet everything seems to scream basic. Conducting duplicate searches is easy, but mostly impossible due to a lot of restrictions on the unpaid version. In fact, there are two separate apps, rendering the free one useless. You can't scan for duplicate audio files, duplicate documents, or folders. You are limited in every possible sense.

The application works well and could be of use, provided you're looking only to find duplicate images and are not keen on a cleaning software package offering more. The real deal-breaker here is you'll feel almost forced to purchase the paid version if you want access to the whole product. The scanning is simple and takes little time to complete. In most cases, the duplicates we were after did show up on the screen and thus gave us the opportunity to remove them. Still, it simply isn't enough.

Duplicates Cleaner is an application you might like and might want, but which will only make sense if bought. This, unfortunately, comes to show that it sometimes isn't the app but the marketing choices that force us to avoid certain products.