With its clean design, DVD Copy Studio makes the DVD movie copying process easier than ever. Users can compress their DVD movies onto just one blank DVD. It's as easy as selecting the DVD content source, then its destination, and clicking copy. Full upgrades for life!

The DVD Copy Studio application was designed to help copy your DVD movies onto just one blank dvd.

Here are some key features of "DVD Copy Studio":

· Backup DVDs - advanced compression technology shrinks your dual layer DVDs to fit onto a single layer DVD with no noticeable quality loss.

· Preview content - while copying your DVD movie, a preview window will show which scenes are currently being copied.

· Remove unwanted features - select which audio and subtitle languages you want to keep or remove.

· Full drive compatibility - supports burning to DVD-R/RW and DVD+R/RW discs. You may also copy video from a disc to your hard drive. Just select your destination disc or folder.


· Intel Pentium 3, 500 MHz or equivalent or faster CPU

· 128 MB or more of RAM

· 10 MB of free hard disk space for installation (up to 4.7 GB of hard disk space for copying a DVD)

· A multimedia compliant DVD burner

· The latest DirectX software from Microsoft for best results


· 30 Days Trial

· Nag Screen