DVD Index Print. Automatically capture DVD thumbnails and create customized DVD scene-indexing labels.

Home movies usually contain numerous scenes of various events, which means you have to watch the entire movie to locate your favorite scenes.

DVD Labeler is a useful DVD tool that will help you to produce DVD labels and much more.

With DVD Labeler there's no need to guess anymore about your movie contents - simply select a scene from the label prior to inserting the disc into your DVD player. DVD Labeler is great for your movies archive.

Save DVD thumbnails in your My Pictures folder and share them with your friends and family members. DVD Labeler is an ideal solution for marketing, corporate or instructional DVD's.

DVD Labeler is an integrated DVD scanning and image-capturing program based on Microsoft DirectX 9™ functionality.

DVD Labeler automatically captures the first frame image out of each DVD chapter and creates scene indexing labels for your DVD movie. In case there are no chapters,

DVD Labeler will automatically capture 48 DVD images divided by the time code. You can create custom label templates as well.


■ Easy to use and manage, no special skills required;

■ Automatic DVD chapter image capturing;

■ DVD movie duration is displayed automatically;

■ Creates DVD Scene Indexing labels and inserts automatically;

■ Share DVD images with friends and family members;

■ Great for Home Movies archive;


■ 600-MHz processor or faster

■ 30 MB free disc space

■ Video RAM 16 MB or higher

■ DVD-ROM drive

■ 256 MB RAM

■ DVD playback software installed


■ 14-days evaluation period