When you want to burn a new CD or DVD, it’s a good idea to have a reliable program to perform the task. DVD Power Burner is an app designed specifically for this job.

The software has a clean interface that is easy to figure out, regardless if you’re inexperienced with this type of tools.

DVD Power Burner can create both CDs and DVDs with data, audio and videos. Furthermore, it can create image copies of other discs and erase mediums.

Thus, when you want to create a new disc, you must select its type from an extensive list, accessible through a drop-down menu. The program can create multi-volume DVDs and even to make bootable mediums.

Several descriptive details may be jotted down, such as the name of the publisher and copyright information. The writing method and status may also be selected. Furthermore, as with most similar software, you can have the program create more copies of the disc and pick the writing speed.

Some other tools are made available by this app. For instance, you can perform a disk cleanup, defragment or create labels.

The software further lets you adjust various details, such as the optimum writing speed, the number of retries on errors, as well as some Internet time options.

There are several languages supported by this app, such as Chinese, Spanish and English.

The bottom line is that DVD Power Burner is a nice program that can be extremely helpful whenever you want to create a new disc, regardless of its purpose.