DVD Profiler is an advanced software application that is specialized in keeping track of a large DVD collection and monitoring loaned movies.

It comes with support for its own online DVD database where you can perform searches. You can also create an online account where you can upload your collection and send a link to your friends to check data directly from a web browser.

You can make changes to the database and sync data with mobile phones. The utility has a program version for iPhone, iPad and Android.

The GUI looks a bit crowded and overwhelming at a first glance because the tool comes packed with a lot of configuration settings. You can access an online help manual that provides information about the setup process.

You can store DVDs by specifying the UPC or inserting a disc. In addition, you can look for discs by name, region, release date, ratings, and genre in the program’s online database and check out upcoming DVD or Blu-rays by region and release date.

You can automatically download a detailed profile from the online database and grab cover images when available. More specifically, you get to view comprehensive information about the disc info (e.g. genres, studios, media), overview, subtitles, cast, and crew.

The app also comes packed with a so-called Tracker mode which allows you to add a custom entry by title to your wish list for movies that are not available on DVD/Blu-ray.

You can organize your movie collection with the aid of preset categories, such as Owned, Ordered, and Wish List, or define your own categories. You can view the movies in a simple or detailed list, or with the aid of thumbnails.

What’s more, DVD Profiler lets you sort the entries by title, rating, runtime, genre, UPC, directors, or other criteria, flag or edit movies, move entries from one category to another, remove items from the collection, and highlight new releases.

DVD Profiler lets you filter the movies stored in the database by title, region, rating, runtime, country, year, or other general criteria, genres, features, audio tracks/subtitles, cast, crew, studios, tags, and formats (e.g. DVD, Blu-ray).

You are given the freedom to back up the database so you can easily restore it in case something goes wrong, and export data to XML file format.

DVD Profiler helps you watch online trailers, keep track of multiple users, retailers, tags, and studios, add custom genres, assign icons to each category included in the collection, as well as generate printable reports containing a simple list with items included in the database or thumbnails.

What’s more, the application is able to generate charts and graphs by different criteria, such as ratings, price, all studios, country of origin, or other items. It also comes with support for a loan manager so you can monitor borrowed items.

The Movie Pick feature is perfect for when you want to watch a movie but you are not sure what to choose. The utility automatically scans your collection and makes a suggestion of something to watch.

You are allowed to configure parental control parameters by setting up a master password, filtering the entries by rating age, and hiding adult titles.

What’s more, DVD Profiler offers you the freedom to share your movie collection on the network and grant permissions to custom users, add multiple users in the database, repair profile database, and install plugins.

All in all, DVD Profiler is suitable for managing an immense movie collection. It offers a thorough set of features for helping you automatically add movies in the database, get suggestive images, generate reports and graphs, perform advanced searches, and back up the database.