Dynamic Browser is a simple and easy to understand piece of software created to function as a file manager and an alternative to your built-in Explorer, providing you with search capabilities as well as document renaming, moving, opening or deleting options.

The application features a rather basic interface, its looks being far from impressive, thus being clear that it mainly addresses novices, as it would not be able to cater to the needs of more pretentious individuals.

The main window allows you to define the ‘Favorite Searching Folders’, enabling you to establish your most likely working directories, so as to make lookup process more speedy.

Dynamic Browser lets you select one or more folders from various system drives, scanning their contents and listing the number of files each one comprises. These folders can however be removed just by clicking on the corresponding option from the context menu.

The ‘Search Keywords’ field enables you to input the relevant term in your file’s name, also having the possibility of excluding items from the lookup. Moreover, Dynamic Browser lets you define the formats you are after, quite useful if you need a specific file and wish to locate it as quickly as possible.

After inputting your keyword, you can hit the ‘Enter’ key and the results are automatically displayed in the ‘Found Files’ tab, allowing you to open the one you want in its default software. Similarly, you can delete, rename or move it to a different location, as well as copy it to another folder or the current one. However, batch operations are not supported, so you will need to process one item at a time.

To summarize, Dynamic Browser is a useful albeit rather limited utility aimed to help you search for files on your computer and work with them however you may need, be it duplicate, move or erase them.