Dynamic Disk Converter Professional is a software program that provides users with a simple means of converting a dynamic disk to a basic one without losing any kind of data.

The installation process does not take very long, as it does not come with any kind of third-party offers. The interface you are met with is built as a wizard, which means that it is going to guide you every step of the way.

This paired with the well-drawn and comprehensive Help contents, ensure that all types of users, including those less experienced, can easily find their way around Dynamic Disk Converter Professional.

As stated above, this utility enables you to convert dynamic disks and volumes to basic disks and partitions. In fact, there are two methods you can easily choose between. The first lets you revert a dynamic disk to a basic one in a safe, direct and time-saving manner, while the second clones a volume sector by sector.

The program automatically detects all the dynamic disks in your system and displays them as a list in a dedicated panel, along with information pertaining to it, such as name, size and volume.

Last but not least, this software solution supports FAT and NTFS file systems with a maximum capacity of 2TB, and can ensure that a disk is bootable even after the conversion process.

All things considered, we can safely say that Dynamic Disk Converter Professional is a handy application that can be used by both beginners and highly experienced people. The computer’s performance is going to be affected, yet this is understandable when taking into account the tool’s nature. Jobs are completed in a timely fashion and we did not come across any kind of issues.