Opening the same saved e-mails with multiple programs may be problematic because of the way each application encodes and reads the files. If you are looking for a way to transform EML files into MSG or vice versa, then you should use a specialized software solution, like E-Mail Converter.

The main features of the application are displayed in their own tabs, making navigation very easy, even for first-time users. Sadly, the main window is not resizable, hindering you from comfortable viewing long lists of files added to the queues.

Converting files from one format to the other only takes three steps. First, you need to navigate to the folder where the e-mails are stored. Then, you can choose the destination folder where the converted files are saved. Lastly, clicking the Start Conversion button initiates the whole process.

Although Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express must be installed and running for the application to function, the only interaction that the utility has with these e-mail clients is the fact that, after a conversion, you can choose to open the output files with the aforementioned programs. E-Mail Converter does not automatically detect saved EML or MSG files.

Unfortunately, there is no way to store favorite folders, so, if your e-mails are located deep inside the filesystem, you must navigate the entire way each time you want to add items to the conversion queue.

Ultimately, E-Mail Converter is able to successfully convert MSG to EML files and vice versa, but it should offer better integration with the two applications it is designed to work with, namely Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express. Additionally, the file explorer could use a favorites menu, so your most-used folders are easy to reach every time.