One of the things you can do for quickly building up your own list of contacts is extracting emails from websites. The assortment of applications that can help you in this regard is wide and E-mail Hunter is just one of the many names of software tools that allow email search and extraction in a convenient manner.

The application features a simplistic GUI with enormous icons in the main toolbar, which might get you thinking about touchscreen optimization. All icons are, in fact, shortcuts to the functions already available in the application’s menus, which is quite redundant, to be frank. For instance, launching the URL search wizard is easily done either via the menu or the large button in the toolbar. Same goes for the Google search wizard.

And speaking of the built-in wizards in E-mail Hunter, these provide a quick way to search for emails online in just a few simple steps. The great thing is that you are guided every step of the way with clear instructions and simple options that are revealed as you progress.

E-mail Hunter can be configured to only scan the target domain or have a look at both the base domain and adjacent links. Additional settings allow you to set the iteration depth, the number of threads and the delay between successive tries.

The search results can be filtered right away with the wizard.  You can configure E-mail Hunter to search for email addresses that contain a particular text or look for emails that do not contain a particular text.

While E-mail Hunter only scans a website at a time, you can add as many URL as you want or even load a URL list for the application to process.

E-mail Hunter comes in handy when gathering email addresses from the Internet, Thanks to its built-in wizards, getting started is much easier and gathering email addresses is easier and faster. Aside from mails, E-mail Hunter can also collect phone numbers and company names, saving the data to file in various formats.