E-mail Talker implements an e-mail notification system that makes use of the Microsoft Agent technology. It uses the famous Microsoft characters to provide out-spoken notifications about received e-mail messages and have them read out loud for you.

In order to use it, you will have to install at least one Microsoft character first, otherwise the application will not work. The online manual can provide assistance in this matter. Since support for Microsoft Agent has been dropped out with the launch of Windows 7, the application might not work on older operating systems.

E-mail Talker can work with multiple MSN Hotmail and POP3 e-mail accounts at the same time and it is very easy to configure. You start by entering details about your e-mail account, the used port, the username and the password. The character can be selected from within its main window, the default one being the famous Merlin the Wizard.

The application runs silently in the system tray, without interfering with your work and checking for newly received messages at a user-defined time interval.

When a new e-mail is intercepted, the speaking animated character appears and notifies you about it. You can instruct it to read the whole message or just the header and skip the currently spoken text.

In addition to this, the character can be used to read other content out loud, such as text stored on the clipboard, the current time and date, text documents or previously received e-mail messages. Moreover, it enables you to periodically get time notifications.

E-mail Talker brings back the well-known Windows characters, using them to alert you about new items in your mailbox. It enables you to hire a desktop assistant that can read your e-mails out loud while you continue working..