EA Install is an application designed to help you create installation packages for your MetaTrader Expert Advisors scripts. Using this tool, you are able to secure your projects using encryption and transfer them to multiple MetaTrader instances.

EA Install displays a user-friendly interface which makes it very easy to use. All the steps that are required to take in order to create the installer are made available in the main window in a side panel, while the rest of the space is occupied by the sections in which you enter the data and attach files.

One by one, you get to fill out the sections for ‘Project Info’, ‘Files’, ‘MetaTrader Options’, ‘License Agreement’, ‘Readme Info’, ‘What's New Info’, ‘Serial Numbers’ and other details meant to ensure a stable installer that is capable of safely delivering the files.

When using MetaTrader you’re working with sensitive data and personal information, let’s face it, it’s your work and you should be able to ensure it’s kept safe from unauthorized people. Scripts are the best example and having the means to protect them during distribution is important.

In this sense EA Install offers you the possibility to add a License Agreement to your installer to which future users must agree to before transferring the files to their computer. You can specify the terms and conditions of use and other legal issues. Moreover, if you feel that that doesn’t offer any guarantees, then you can generate a number of serial keys, one of which a future user needs to have in order to be able to complete the installation.

Besides being able to add files and restrictions, you can also customize the icon and banner of the installer and even add translations, which make EA Install a very handy and practical tool.