When you think of how many music streaming services are available nowadays, many of them browser-based, it is no wonder that many people prefer to listen to their favorite songs directly in Google Chrome. If the lack of an equalizer is an issue, however, Ears Audio Toolkit might be just what you need.

Ears Audio Toolkit allows you to determine which of the tabs that are currently open should be affected by the equalizer, and all the included tabs are listed in the main window. As expected, the extension can be accessed from the Chrome toolbar.

In order to add a new tab, you only need to select it and bring up the equalizer. All websites should be supported, and we did not encounter any audio-related issues during our tests.

This extension works great as a simple volume booster, as you can just move the middle line up or down to increase or lower the overall audio level. Things can get quite loud, however, so be careful with your tweaks.

Ears Audio Toolkit provides you with a pretty impressive audio equalizer that most audiophiles should be happy with. You can cut or boost the sound level at specific frequencies by moving the green dots, while the left and right-most filters (depicted as purple dots) affect all the lows and all the highs.

Additionally, you can control the Q factor, which determines the bandwidth that will be cut or boosted, by holding down the Shift key while dragging the dots.

It may take a while to configure the equalizer until the sound is just right, but you can then save your settings to a preset and load them instantly at any time. These profiles are displayed in the main window, and there is room for as many as you need, so you can listen to all kinds of music without making constant adjustments.

Ears Audio Toolkit is a great extension for any music-loving Google Chrome user that listens to their favorite songs through one of the many streaming or media hosting platforms that are available. It adds a well-designed audio equalizer to your web browser and enables you to fine-tune the audio output of each tab with ease.