The world as we know it is massive, and footage from outer space makes us wonder what lies beyond the clouds.

Earth 3D Screensaver lets you virtually go into outer space and see how your world looks like, in the most realistic way possible.

The short version is that the screensaver depicts Earth as seen from outer space. The longer version is this: you can see the Earth in high-quality 3D with realistic landforms, live weather forecasts, changeable day and night, weather effects, day/ night cycle, etc.

You may also switch between geographical and political map, view country names and borders, and many others.

With all these features, Earth 3D Screensaver goes way beyond being a simple screensaver and becomes an efficient geography learning tool.

The 3D modeling is excellent, boasting high-quality graphics, and texture resolution, antialiasing and the realistic water animations. Further adding to the feeling that you are in outer space is the ability to see ships, airplanes, and world wonders.

The screensaver doesn't just impress with incredible visuals, but the ambient music it has makes you think about the meaning of life while gazing down upon the Earth and realizing how small you are compared to the whole picture.

Running this app as an animated wallpaper can take a toll on older system's graphics cards, as during our testing we experienced slight performance drops, such as laggy mouse movements and a delay when switching between windows.

This is something to be expected considering the amount of feature the app is running at once. A solution to combat this problem would be to deactivate some of the features or reduce some of the visuals.

Because of the features, it brings to the table; Earth 3D Screensaver is an excellent tool if you want to know how it feels to be an astronaut and see the world in all of its massive beauty. It is also recommended you run it if you have a powerful rig if you want to enjoy all the details without suffering from performance issues.