Whenever you want to remotely access a computer, you usually need to start looking for an application that can be installed on both machines with as little hassle as possible. EaseeAccess is one such app.

Unlike similar apps, EaseeAccess only requires you to create an account based on your email account, then assign it a password. In order to successfully connect to another computer, you need to enter the same credentials within the main window.

And you are done, no identification code is necessary, nor a complex VPN configuration.

Once you have established a connection, you can choose the monitor you want to view (if there are several monitors connected at the same time) and you can zoom in or out to one of the multiple preset levels to increase visibility.

Moreover, you can send various commands to the remote PC, such as reboot, share the host's desktop, suspend mouse and keyboard input, or prevent sleep or auto-lock even if the host computer goes idle.

File transfer and screen capture are also supported by EaseeAccess.

If you are interested in sending messages to the remote computer, you can either use the built-in chat utility, or you can start making annotations on the screen.

EaseeAccess allows you to change the type of tool to be used (pen, line, rectangle or ellipse), as well as the stroke thickness. Clearing all the notes can be achieved with a single mouse click.

All in all, EaseeAccess comes in handy to all those who want to connect to a computer from a different location. You only need to make sure the app is installed on both computers and that remote connections are allowed, then you can connect without any real effort.