In some cultures, Easter is the holiday that celebrates spring, fertility, and regrowth.

Easter 3D Screensaver is a beautiful software application that will help you bring the joy of that holiday to your computer monitor.

Nowadays there is nothing more iconic for easter than the famous Easter bunny or the colored eggs. This is precisely what this app delivers, and it does so in a visually impressive manner.

The 3D rendering is really good, with everything from the tree, grass, eggs and even the bunnies being proof of how much work and detail was put into designing them.

The 3D object has a high poly-count, while the textures show no signs of pixelation.

But the element that enhances everything is the lighting and the blooming that makes everything more hazy and magical. It even gives off the impression that the bunnies are covered in short fluffy fur.

Despite what you might think, the excellent graphics do not affect the performance of the machines at all. During testing the app performed flawlessly, with no drop in FPS, even when most graphics settings were set to "High".

However, if you do encounter any performance drops due to running the app on an older system, you can always adjust some of the settings from the developer's screensaver manager. For example, you can disable fur rendering, blooming and change the screen resolution. The music and SFX can also be adjusted or muted altogether, and the built-in clock can be switched between 12h and 24h format.

Easter 3D Screensaver is pretty much the embodiment of how we celebrate Easter in real life, making it a good app to have if you want to make your PC show the world just how much you love this holiday.