Easy Avi/Divx/Xvid to DVD Burner is an advanced software solution designed to convert DivX files to DVD and burn the project on a new disc in a matter of minutes.

Since it's all performed automatically, Easy Avi/Divx/Xvid to DVD Burner can be safely used by beginners as well, with a comprehensive help manual also waiting to answer any question they may have.

Not to mention that the interface makes everything a breeze, especially because the application needs just minimum configuration before starting the actual conversion process.

Easy Avi/Divx/Xvid to DVD Burner can thus create DVDs from AVI, Div, DivX and XviD files, with support for both NTSC and PAL formats and two different aspect ratios, 4:3 and 16:9, all displayed in the main window, alongside a preview panel for viewing the video on the go.

Other than that, you only need to pick the DVD recorder you wish to use and the DVD label and you're ready to start the conversion and burning processes.

Conversion goes blazing fast, especially thanks to special optimization of the program to work with dual-core processors.

Additionally, the amount of hardware resources it needs is just minimal, while Easy Avi/Divx/Xvid to DVD Burner works very smooth on every single Windows machine out there.

So the conclusion is pretty obvious: Easy Avi/Divx/Xvid to DVD Burner does what it says and as far as we're concerned, this is one of the apps you must try when you're looking for an easy way to convert videos to DVD.