It’s always a good idea to have an extra copy of important items lying around, because you never know what can happen to the original, especially when working on a computer. Keeping data save this way is a common practice, and goes by the name of backup. You’re easily able to perform such tasks with the help of Easy Backup.

The first thing which needs to be done is to create a new session, and this can either be done the easy way, or the advanced way. Regardless of your choice, a wizard guides you through several steps, making sure you get all the details right. You need to configure the name, source, destination, and planning.

A backup task can be performed in full mode, meaning everything is copied regardless of its last modified date, or an intelligent mode, which also keeps deleted files accessible for some time, and only copies new items. Needless to say that source and destination must be represented by different folders, whereas the source doesn’t necessarily have to be a single directory.

Another important aspect here is the scheduler. A backup session can automatically start daily, monthly, yearly, cyclical, or whenever you decide it’s time. These details can be changed, and you’re not disturbed when a backup session gets activated. Restoring is done at the press of a button.

All tasks are displayed in the main window. Each item is fitted with a backup now function, and also displays the used and remaining space. In case you wish to back up to cloud, simply select the local cloud folder as your destination. It automatically starts with Windows, so that backup sessions are ready to be triggered manually or automatically by the time you reach the desktop.

All things considered, we can state that Easy Backup is a reliable application which can make you worry less about losing important files when working on an exposed or faulty system. The setup wizard makes sure task setup is intuitive, while the scheduler can take care of all sessions without you lifting a finger.