Easy CAD to SVG Converter helps convert CAD files with the DWG, DXF and DWF format to SVG file types. It supports batch processing, enabling you to convert two or more files at the same time.

The program displays a minimalist panel, with basic features destined to offer a fast and simple conversion from CAD to SVG. You can batch render your drawings to a specific format and choose a desired size to answer your specific needs.

You can select files with the DWG, DXF or DWF format, as well as hold down the Shift key to pick and add them to the task list.

Several options are available to customize the output files, such as width, height and scale lineweight. You can also select the preferred layout between page space, model space and active layout.

Some CAD drawings employ SHX fonts and XRef blocks, since the files wouldn't be loaded correctly without them. Issues might occur, such as lost fonts or missing objects. You can specify where to save the output drawing files, which can be a folder in your own computer or a shared folder on a remote server.

The program lets you know when the objects are successfully converted by displaying a green button next to them. Otherwise, it shows a red one which signals that the file is corrupt or broken.

Unfortunately, the application is set to stay on top of other windows, without giving you the possibility to disable this, which can create a discomfort for multitasking users. Help documentation is available.

Easy CAD to SVG Converter provides a simple solution for converting CAD files with DWG, DXF and DWF formats to SVG. The batch function comes in handy when dealing with multiple files.