With all the processed food we can find in malls and at a decent price, keeping a healthy and strict diet, may be harder than expected. Plus, when you are alone in this process, an iron will is necessary.

You can efficiently add and keep track of your healthy meals when you have the suitable program for that. If you are looking for an uncomplicated and accessible app to help you record daily intakes, then Easy Calorie Counter might be a good solution.

It's wrapped in clear-cut and user-friendly layout divided into a toolbar with quick commands, a food search section and list, on the left side of the panel, along with a small web-browser, on the right. Unfortunately, the tool doesn't provide an option to set up a private account and protection system, to easily save all the records, and secure the database from prying eyes.

For starters, if you don't know how much calories you need to consume to get fit, the calculator helps you determine that amount. Input your age, gender, height, weight, exercise level, and the desired method. The result is displayed at the bottom, for both maintenance and fat loss modes. With that in mind, you can smartly choose the food you want to consume.

Type in the product, pick the size (cup, ml, tsp, oz), and the quantity and the app automatically calculate the total. Simply press the Add button, and the item is entered in the food list. An advantage is an extensive database, which comes with a lot of combinations to choose from.

The built-in web browser searches online the typed word and displays the calorie, based on your choice. You can switch to the metric system, by enabling it from the calculator. Plus, you are able to write and store your favorite recipes, by inputting the name, serving size, and ingredients. Sadly, the database can't be exported, backed up, or restored.

To sum it up, Easy Calorie Counter is a handy and intuitive designed to offer an efficient way to record and keep track of meals, and daily calorie intakes to maintain or lose weight.