Easy Card Creator Express Edition is a simple and efficient software solution designed to help you quickly create various types of badges and cards, in just a few steps.

The application  comes with an intuitive and user-friendly interface, so working with it poses no problem even to the less experienced. You can use it to create various items, not just cards, but also badges, postcards, envelopes, labels, student ID cards and more. In addition, it supports printing on paper as well as plastic.

The application provides you with pre-existing templates that you can use and customize according to your needs. As such, you can add a photo of the cardholder, their full name along with their occupation, their ID number and company logo.

Aside from the existing information fields, you can also add some that are more adapted to your particular needs, such as date of birth, address, security clearance, signature or even barcode.

Easy Card Creator Express Edition supports double-sided cards, so when creating a badge or an ID card, you can place any additional information on its back, not just its front. This way, you do not have to squeeze all the data in a small place, which can sometimes make the card unreadable.

The layout of the badge or card can be vertical as well as horizontal, depending on what you like best. Also, there are several types of alignment, so you can arrange items however you see fit, placing the ID photo on the right, left, top or bottom. Moreover, you are able to change the card's background image to something more specific to the cardholder or to your company.

With its intuitive interface and numerous customizable options, you can quickly see why Easy Card Creator Express Edition is such a reliable program, that you can use in a variety of situations and trust it to deliver good quality end-results.