The Easy Hard Drive Space Monitor application was designed to allow the administrator to monitor the free and used space on remote servers and desktops, all visually and easily.

Simply type in the name of the server, and give login information, and you are presented with a visual cue of space. This software is intended to be as easy to use and learn as possible, while executing its core purpose flawlessly. No installation is required on the remote systems! Do it all from a single desktop.

When a system volume (C drive) on a server fills up, chances are you are going to be feeling some pain very soon. This program will help avoid that problem for IT administrators, simply by constantly showing an up-to-date status of all the hard drives in your organization, regardless of the number of servers or server volumes.

You will never find it so easy to monitor the status of your hard drives in your organization as you will with this program. How much productivity would be lost if one of your file servers filled up? Avoid that entirely simply by using this program!