Easy Mail has been created for the user that wants to create custom envelopes, memos, notes or letters. It makes available a large suite of tools that can help with reaching great results.

Installing the application is a simple process that does not require any other effort from the user than following the instructions on the screen.

The interface is not the most inviting, which shows that the developer chose to focus more on the functionality of the program than its looks.

In the left hand part of the main application window the user can choose the type of the output result. This can be an envelope for business or personal purposes as well as one for a catalog or an invitation.

Easy Mail includes its own address book that can hold as many entries as necessary, complete with details such as phone and fax numbers, email address and some brief comments.

This data can be used when designing a new envelope so that the process takes less time to complete.

The tool allows adding various elements to the envelope, like image elements, which can be moved and resized to fit the limits.

Users are also offered the possibility to write letters through Memo Lite utility available in the program. This is a text editor that can load and save files in RTF or TXT format and includes some word processing features.

For many users Easy Mail may seem outdated but it can still be used to create custom envelopes, at least for special occasions.

It does not offer too many functions but it manages to align all the elements in the page and add some custom ones.