Easy Media Cover is a practical tool that enables you to create covers for your compact discs or DVDs. You can use it to personalize your collection and to change the blank or hand-written cover from the DVD case with a relevant image.

The users that own a large DVD collection know how hard it is to locate a certain movie or vacation DVD by browsing through the entire drawer. You can try to write the title on the disc but placing an image on the cover makes the job a lot easier.

This compact application enables you to create the disc cover with minimum effort and to print the exact size in order to match the exact size. You just have to select the images that you want to use for the cover and the inlay.

The images can be selected from your hard drive or imported from the digital camera. This option comes in handy when you want to personalize the DVD that stores the photos and movies from your recent vacation.

If your collection includes multiple disc case types, you can select one of the templates included in the app database. It automatically changes the layout of the images and you can even find a template for Blu-ray discs or VHS tapes.

You can edit a template by changing the image size and the positioning on the disc cover. Unfortunately, you cannot create a custom template or save the preferences for later use. You need to enter the custom dimensions each time you need to make an adjustment.

The interface is easy to use and provides quick access to the templates and the program's functions. It only allows you to personalize the disc case by using an image and does not include the option to add a title.

Overall, Easy Media Cover is a decent solution for personalizing your discs with the images of your choice.