With the help of Easy MP3 Recorder you can seamlessly record music or voice from microphones and save files as MP3 audio tracks. This is an approachable and intuitive software application that lets you customize encoding and device settings, as well as immediately send recordings via email or upload them to FTP servers.

Installing Easy MP3 Recorder takes little time and doesn't require special attention, thanks to the fact that the wizard steps are familiar. Once it's over, you are welcomed by a small window with a well-structured layout, split into four panes dedicated to the recorder, device settings, email options, and FTP parameters.

Before initializing a recording session, it's necessary to select the input device, channel mode and format, together with the MP3 encoding mode (constant, average or variable bit rate), VBR profiles, and bit rate.

When it comes to email, the program lets you specify the server and user name, password, sender display name and email address, along with the port number. As far as the FTP is concerned, you can enter the server and user name, password, and port number.

In order to record setting, Easy MP3 Recorder asks you to indicate the preferred output directory and name for the new file, and it can be replaced with new content in the following steps. You can stop the footage at any time, load it in a built-in player to figure out whether or not you want to keep it, as well as immediately share the track with a friend via email or upload it to the configured FTP server. There are no other notable options provided by this software app.

We haven't come across any stability difficulties in our testing, thanks to the fact that the utility didn't hang, crash or display error messages. Its impact on the overall performance of the PC was minimal, since it needed low CPU and RAM to work properly.

Unfortunately, it hasn't been updated for a long time. Nevertheless, Easy MP3 Recorder offers a simple and straightforward solution to recording microphone sound to save it as MP3, send it via email or upload it via FTP.