Commercial products all come fitted with a label and an attached code so that devices can easily recognize them, add, or remove from inventory. There are an abundance of types of codes. Among others, the QR code manages to hold rich content, and can effortlessly be created with specialized applications like Easy QR Maker.

You get to check out the set of features in no time at all. However, before you can properly run it on your system, you need to make sure that .NET Framework is installed, even though it comes as a default feature in modern Windows iterations.

With the main window up, you can start adding content to be converted to QR code. There’s a preview are, but it doesn’t update in real time so you first need some input and manually request preview. Text input goes in a dedicated field, while the code can either be QR, one dimension, data matrix, or PDF417.

The preview shows exactly how the exported QR code looks like. Dedicated options make it possible to specify width, height. Color, as well as background color. Unfortunately, you can’t have input text displayed alongside the QR code.

However, this basic input is not the only possible method. The application comes with preset forms so you can bundle addresses, contact details, messages, WiFi passwords, and more detail sets inside codes. As far as saving is concerned, you can generate the QR code under popular picture formats like PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP, and TIFF.

Taking everything into consideration, we can state that Easy QR Maker is sure to come in handy for quickly generating QR codes of various types for products. Only one code can be created at a time, but the application comes with an impressive preset forms to add custom types of details, and then export under popular picture formats.