Working as a real estate agent usually requires you to come up with innovative advertisement methods in order to sell.

Although you can pay quite large amounts of money for TV or radio advertisements, it is also possible to rely on specialized software, such as Easy Realty Flyers. This application can help you design detailed pamphlets for every house you sell, thus providing your customers with more information.

This application features a simple design that does not impede novices to access it in any way. The main window allows you to access two sections: the first one displays a list of templates you can use with your content while the second one offers you some customization options.

Apart from the sections mentioned above, this utility allows you to access its various functions by relying on the large buttons on the main window. You can easily open a configuration window by clicking the gear-shaped button.

Easy Realty Flyers allows you to design brochures for the houses you sell by providing you with multiple customization options.

Among the details on the flyer, you can include a listing number, an address, a price or certain features (e.g. number of bedrooms or year of construction), and you can also add pictures.

Furthermore, it is possible to customize additional settings by toggling certain features on or off from the corresponding window. You can set the program to ask for your confirmation before performing certain actions, such as deleting projects, exiting the application or closing a project.

The application can also be set to include a set of logos on the flyers and configure a bunch of theme-related parameters, such as selecting a default theme template and a default font.

In conclusion, Easy Realty Flyers is a handy utility that can help you create flyers for the houses you sell in an effortless manner.