Easy Route is a useful and simple to understand software utility created to offer you the means of planning your travel route using your favorite online mapping services, saving the itinerary to your computer to TXT or URL files, as well as providing you with a short link you can share over the Internet.

Subsequent to a rather rapid and uneventful installation, you can get started with the application right away, as it is so easy to handle, you will get the hang of it in just a few moments.

The main window allows you to input the start point and the destination, listing the results in the side-panel, along with the distance between locations.

To begin with, you will need to input the starting location, specifically the city and country, for easier identification on the map, then choose from the available options, if several exist. Next, you can enter all the other cities that you wish to pass through, the last being the destination. To remove an entry, you can double-click it.

As for the mapping service that you wish to use, Easy Route enables you to choose between Google Classic, Google Standard, Bing and Yahoo!. You can resort to your default web browser or the built-in one, the latter requiring however that you run the program using your administrator privileges. The tool helps you avoid tolls and highways, as well as add personal notes for each entry.

Easy Route will displays the cities in order, including the distance between each one and the total distance, in kilometers. The ‘Map’ button will display the corresponding itinerary in the chosen browser, allowing you to save it to you computer as TXT or URL file. However, bear in mind that the created file will only contain the information displayed in the ‘Itinerary’ window of the utility, and not the actual map.

To sum it up, Easy Route is a handy application that can spare you of having to write your travel itinerary by hand, when you can just create it automatically and save it to your PC or share it with friends and family over the web.