Easy Undelete is a powerful and easy to use data recovery and undelete solution for Windows.

Easy-Undelete is able to recover lost files and folders on NTFS and FAT volumes or on any physical storage device, and can preview images and binary files before recovery.

Here are some key features of "Easy Undelete":

■ Easy-Undelete is a Windows utility to recover lost or accidentally deleted files. It comes to the rescue just when you need it, to recover documents you accidentally deleted, or pictures from a formatted digital camera memory card.

■ Easy-Undelete is simple and easy to use. Easy-Undelete won't overwhelm you with a complex interface or confusing parameters, and you don't have to know anything about file systems or recovery algorithms to use it - just scan, select, and recover - easy as that.

■ Easy-Undelete can recover lost files on any physical storage device. While Easy-Undelete is a Windows product, is can recover files on any kind of storage device - old 80 MB DOS FAT volumes or brand new 400 GB NTFS ones, drives formatted to work with Linux or OS X® , digital camera memory cards, floppy disks, ZIP drives - you name it, Easy-Undelete can recover it.

■ Easy-Undelete can recover files on unformatted or unpartitioned hard drives. Not only can Easy-Undelete recover files from any kind of drive format, it can recover files from drives with no format at all! When you thought all chance is gone, after you had to repartition and reformat and repartition again, Easy-Undelete can still find and recover you files; When Windows doesn't even realize there's a drive connected, Easy-Undelete can still find your old files and recover them.

■ Easy-Undelete runs on any version of Windows. If it is the oldest Windows OSR2 or the newest Windows Vista - Easy-Undelete will get the job done. Need to recover files on an old computer with Windows 98? Just copy Easy-Undelete (you don't even have to install it), and start working - no need to remove the drive and connect it to a newer system.


■ Under Windows NT, 2000, XP and 2003, Easy Undelete must be run with Administrator privileges.


■ The demo can only recover files smaller than 32 KB.