easyaccounts is a useful piece of software that provides you with all the necessary tools and features in order to manage your accounts and business inventory in the most efficient manner possible.

Before we go even further, you should know that, unfortunately, the app is mainly intended for Windows XP and Vista. If your computer's running a 32-bit version, then the installation process should be quite smooth, but if it isn't, you will be required to download and install SQLExpress 2005. Since this is a utility that relies on local databases quite extensively, it should come as no surprise that it also requires full administrative rights in order to run as intended.

Once you get passed the installation process, you are greeted by the app's outdated and crowded user interface that sports a typical menu bar, a fairly packed top toolbar and lots of adjacent panels on the rest of the workspace. Nevertheless, the app's workflow is quite direct, and the data entry methods are pretty straightforward.

It's perfectly equipped to keep track of all details of your company such as suppliers, customers, accounts, payrolls, inventory reports, as well as helping you with tasks such as stock maintenance and processing account reports.

You are bound to find out that the app's especially useful when it comes to displaying balance sheets, sales bills, stock ledgers, cash payments, cash books, customer statement prints, profit and loss statements, trial balance and, last but not least, purchase bills.

Considering its impressive array of features, it's safe to say that this app is fairly well suited for all sorts of businesses, whether we're talking about stores, shopping centers, or hotels. Too bad later version of Windows are not supported and that the overly-crowded workspace can put a strain on your eyes after extensive usage.