If you're working as an accountant or are in charge of running a company and want to keep track of its financial status (income, expenses, stock and reports), you probably understand how third-party software can help you simplify your work.

For instance, EasyAs Accounting is a specialized application that can help you achieve satisfactory results in the situation depicted above by providing you with several relevant features.

This application was designed to assist you in managing many of your company's financial parameters. After you launch the program, you need to specify a bunch of details about you, your company and currency preferences.

It is worth mentioning that, although at the end of this configuration process the application will exit, relaunching it will let you access its entire set of functions.

You can use EasyAs Accounting to manage expenses, incomes, invoices, quotations, orders, reports, payables, receivables, refunds, capital resources, assets liabilities, product lists, vehicle rates and more.

Although the amount of functions can be overwhelming, especially for novices, this utility packs multiple tooltips and helpful pieces of information that will help you understand and operate its controls easier.

Aside from letting you manage the data mentioned above, this program also lets you generate reports and invoices so that you can keep track of useful statistics in a more convenient way.

It is also possible to print certain documents directly from the app, access an address book, view a list of your products, manage personal notes, manage taxes, view a calendar and backup your data by accessing the corresponding options in the main window.

All things considered, EasyAs Accounting is a reliable utility that can help you manage your company's financial data by providing you with a wide range of relevant functions. All of its functions are available directly in the main window for easy access and configuring the app can be done without efforts since you are almost always guided.