EasyPackager MSI is a handy software utility that can help developers create standard Windows installers for their projects. It is capable of building MSI files that can pass Windows App Certification Kit testing, and it reduces the process to a few simple steps.

The program features a streamlined, intuitive user interface, and it avoids any unnecessary complications, making it possible to build an installer for your software in just a few minutes.

EasyPackager MSI can help you ensure that your application’s deployment procedure is as straightforward as possible. It enables you to organize your files in a proper directory tree, add links to the Start Menu, create file associations and write registry keys.

The user interface features a simple layout, and you can fill in the necessary information quickly while navigating through the tabs. If you need any assistance, you can consult the quick-start guide included in the user manual, as it provides detailed explanations.

When building an installer, you can attach a license file, banner and welcome image, specify which permissions should be requested, define the program’s architecture and generate an upgrade code.

Next, you need to provide the path to the folder where all the files to be packaged have been stored, and then select the ones that should be included.

EasyPackager MSI also allows you to add links to various files or websites to the Start Menu, as well as write new registry keys.

Finally, you can have the installer associate certain file extensions with your application.

To assure end users that the product was packaged by a reputable developer, you can use a certificate file to sign the installer once it is packaged. This step is mandatory if you want the product to pass the Windows App Certification Kit tests.

Overall, EasyPackager MSI is an intuitive program designed to provide you with a simple method of creating installers for your projects. It includes most of the important features developers need to package their applications, and it is very easy to use.