If you own an iPhone and you want to create a dedicated ringtone for special someone, you need to rely on a dedicated application such as EasyRingFoundry.

This utility installs without any issues and it comes with a user-friendly graphic interface which makes it easy to operate by experts and novices alike.

In order to be able to enjoy the functions of EasyRingFoundry, you first need to install iTunes (if you often connect your iPhone to the PC, you most likely already have it installed), launch it and select one of your favorite tracks - it needs to be mentioned that the songs you purchased via iTunes Store cannot be used, since they are protected and cannot be edited.

Then, simply drag and drop it onto the main window of EasyRingFoundry and specify how long you want the output ringtone to be (however, keep in mind that Apple limits the duration of a ringtone to 40 seconds, otherwise it will not be correctly identified by iTunes as a ringtone).

Next, you need to specify which track part you want to extract and save as ringtone. Furthermore, EasyRingFoundry enables you to listen to the chosen fragment, thus making sure you have selected the part you wanted.

The final step is to export the newly created ringtone to iTunes, in a dedicated category called Tones, which makes it easily for you to transfer it to your iPhone and assign it to the person you prefer.

All in all, EasyRingFoundry can come in handy to all those who want to use their iTunes tracks as ringtones on their iPhone - if they create several ringtones, they can easily assign a different one to all the important persons in their life. Nonetheless, a license needs to be purchased in order to unlock the full functionality of EasyRingFoundry.