Eazy Backup is a pretty intuitive software solution that facilitates simple methods for backing up and restoring important files from popular applications, such as browser settings, Windows contacts, or desktop files. It also gives you the possibility to include custom files and folders into backup jobs, along with registry hives.

Installing Eazy Backup is a very simple task that requires little supervision. Once launched, the tool pops up a small window that shows two buttons for backup and restore jobs.

In order to create a new backup task, you can navigate a list with ready application groups and select the ones you want to include into the task, as well as create custom groups with a name and description in order to indicate any files, directories and registry hives from the hard drive.

Groups can be deleted, modified, or cloned. In the text step, Eazy Backup automatically populates a list with all files from the selected group, allowing you to exclude any of them from the backup job.

Before proceeding with the backup operation, you can write the backup job's name, specify the output destination, and choose an action to immediately perform on task completion (e.g. app exit, PC shutdown). Some advanced settings are available too.

For instance, you can create the backup as a single file or split it into multiple equal-sized parts, delete all prior Eazy Backup files in the backup folder, set the default output folder, point out multiple apps and services to terminate on job completion, ask the tool to copy the backup file to another location, enable password protection to limit the access of other users, and so on.

Full, differential and incremental backups can be scheduled to run regularly. What's more, you can manage backup jobs and assign shortcuts to them, test the backups for any errors, as well as view backup and restore logs.

The tool has minimal impact on PC performance and finishes backup jobs in reasonable time. It is filled with rich features and configuration settings to please even picky users, so you can definitely give it a shot.