EBook Maestro Pro is a useful application which offers a turnkey solution to organize e-publishing from eBook creation to product marketing to the best strategies how to sell eBooks on-line.

In this potent eBook software the user finds a powerful eBook compiler with an extensive support for images, sounds, video, and scripts. The multimedia content is encased in the same executable file as texts, so that the reader can download a single file and launch it independently of any other application.

Strong and accurate compression will make eBook download fast and inexpensive. Besides, the eBook compiler offers a number of refinements to enrich an e-publication: a fast search engine, text-to-speech rendering, input data storing and processing and much more. Multiple content protection is another eBook security feature that distinguishes the Pro edition of the eBook maker.

Control over the extraction of eBook files allows the eBook software to limit temporary files in the reader's system to just certain embedded objects, so that no text or images are stored in temp folders. The program can also disable cut-and-paste and drag-and-drop options to make eBook content accessible only from the program's window. Along with the copyright protection, eBook Maestro Pro offers a fully-fledged try-before-buy support that enables anyone to sell eBooks on-line from a web site.

The eBook compiler can encrypt certain parts of the content at eBook creation stage and make them accessible only upon registration. A key generator helps provide each customer with a personal registration code. To curb the use of unregistered copies, the Pro edition offers additional options of the trial period limitation and on-line registration. The EBook software helps market products as well. The bottom bar can carry web links or advertise partners. Form processing helps integrate eBooks with a web server carrying additional commercial information. eBook Maestro Pro provides help and support throughout the entire e-publishing process.


■ Adds a popup window opened each time the compiled application is started to all ebooks created with it