EBook Maestro STANDARD is an accessible and intuitive program designed to offer a fast and easy way to create and develop ebooks files that contain a table of contents and a search function to run and read them on other computers or devices while you're on vacation or at home. It lets add scripts and multimedia elements to customize it the way you see fit.

It's wrapped in an outdated yet user-friendly layout divided into a basic toolbar in the upper part of the window, and five distinct tabs on the left, from which three (general, files, user interface) are related to the app. You can make a new plan from scratch or open an existing file (EBM) from the computer. Each time a different book is generated it gets a unique identification key. When creating a  new record, several essential details are needed, such as the document title, author name, homepage, email, and an HTML string.

The next step requires the root path, a webpage if it's the case, which is shown when the book is opened, as well as the sub panel folder and files that are displayed similar to the table of contents. An icon can be applied to reflect the main purpose, and the subject of the project is, along with the output folder for the executable.

The app lets you personalize the look of the book's main menu by enabling or disabling the buttons for the minimize, maximize and resize options. Plus, the minimum width and height of the panel and the left one can be set, as well as disable the ability to copy, cut and paste the content into another document. It's possible to show or hide the control bar, which contains the navigational icons. Each of these features can be previewed before applying the changes permanently.

Taking everything into account, EBook Maestro STANDARD is a useful and intuitive utility which comes in handy when you want to easily create help manuals, guides or ebooks in executable mode, which can contain HTML files while the content is displayed in a tree structure.