eBookSnap is a complete eBook creator which can compile HTML files, Flash files, graphics files and all kind of multimedia files into one executable *.exe file or one *.ebs file.

This compiled data ( both *.exe or *.ebs eBookSnap Reader file) is called an ebook, electronic book. eBooks are secure and elegant way to distribute any kind of electronic publications and to have a total control over this process.

Why it is good to use eBookSnap to create eBooks ? Why not distribute my html eBook in a zip file? By using eBookSnap eBook Creator 2009 you can set that your eBooks cannot be shared from friend to friend using email, in P2P networks or on torrents which would leave you without a cent of profit from your hard work as eBook writer and publisher.

eBookSnap uses the latest encryption methods available today and uses online eBook customer verification to protect eBooks from being shared. Create great eBooks using the eBookSnap utility.