Echoflux is a VST plugin designed to help you add a customizable delay effect that can enhance the audio signal and give it a warm feel.

The plugin offers you a large number of adjustable parameters and allows you to save the settings into profiles, 128 of them. It also provides you with MIDI automation.

It is worth noting that since this is a VST plugin, it requires a host application so that it can be installed and launched. Otherwise, deploying and operating this plugin is not possible.

The main window of Echoflux doesn't come with any hidden or complicated menus, as it boasts a "what you see is what you get" (WYSIWYG) type of layout. All the controls can be easily operated, since they simulate knobs, so anyone with basic knowledge about potentiometers can do it.

As stated before, the application enables you to create your own presets, save them to several slots and load them later, when you need them. Doing so lets you assign them names, so that you can identify them easily.

You can turn the echo unit on or off, choose the shape of the tape flutter and adjust the depth, amount, variance, rate, track, echo, mix and sustain values of the effects.