ediTrail is an advanced and comprehensive software solution that was developed with one purpose in mind: that of helping you create and customize your own hiking trails, enabling you to plan ahead every trip you make.

The program features a fairly complex appearance, but you can get the hang of it in no time, particularly due to the extensive details provided as a startup guide, on the homepage.

The main window of ediTrail displays a ribbon where all of the most important functions can be accessed with a simple click. From the dedicated menus, you can work with more advanced options and further develop your trail.

To begin with, you can either import trails from pre-existing files, in GPX format, or you can design them yourself, the entire process being fairly accessible, even if you have never done so before.

When starting a new trail, you firstly need to zoom into the area you intend to hike, run or cycle, after which you can open the ‘Tool Bar Trails Editing’ from the ‘Tools’ menu, which features to components necessary for drawing trails, vertex and WayPoints or inverting, joining and breaking trails.

Each trail can comprise additional information, including difficulty level, total distance, photos and countless other details that you may find useful in your trip. When you are done, the utility lets you export it to a GPX file or you can save the Digital Terrain Model to KMZ format, so you can use it alongside Google Maps.

To conclude, ediTrail is an interesting and useful application that passionate hikers or mountain bikers can resort to whenever you want to embark on a trip, ensuring you do not get lost and arrive at your destination on time.