Edjing is an application designed to help you mix your favorite songs using various FX effects and other audio tools.

Available with multiple glossy skins in golden and gray tones, the application includes quite an appealing interface. The main window is neatly designed and features 2 vinyl records, one where you can add the track you want to improve and another that records a new song based on your modifications.

The UI looks very realistic and includes both needles at the right, a feature that can surely come in handy for when you want to mix tracks on your smartphone. It would be nice if the app allowed you to move the needles with your mouse on the computer to enhance that realistic feeling.

While the work on the interface is noticeable, the same cannot be said about the app's functionality. Not only does it take a bit for it load, but there are good chances that the utility crashes unexpectedly from time to time.

As far as mixing is concerned, it is not very intuitive and you have to play around with the utility to figure out how to make the modifications. The app could really use a guide or help section to aid new users get familiar with the app.

On the plus side, it does include an automatic synchronization function and it can detect the BPM for the songs you are playing.

While you can easily share the mixes you create via email, the save function could use more work. First off, in order to save your tracks, you have to access and click the record function twice. In addition, you cannot choose where you can store your tracks or the format for your mixes.

In case you want to access them, you can find them in a separate folder in the default Music folder on your computer. The application could really use a separate save function that enables you to select the desired location along with the file formats.

Apart from the modern and interesting interface, Edjing does not really have a lot of working features to help you record and improve your favorite tracks.