Edraw Diagram Component is a piece of software designed to provide developers with the possibility to easily create different types of diagrams with the help of various templates and drawing tools.

The application comes with a simple, easy-to-use interface, which allows users to build the diagrams they need in an intuitive manner. It has been designed as a drawing board, offering fast access to various shapes and object types via a left-side panel.

With the help of this program, users can create organizational charts, flowcharts, and network diagrams, as well as other type of diagrams, and can save them in various formats, including images, Web pages, and EDX files.

The software is also capable of opening diagrams directly from URLs, and can be used to upload files to the Web with a simple mouse click.

Courtesy of the wide variety of available templates and drawing tools, the software can easily prove a great option for professionals, who can also enjoy an Office-style workspace environment.

The predefined shapes included in the app are categorized in libraries, which can be easily accessed via the left-side panel. To switch to different templates, users simply need to click on the “Change Library Type” button.

A toolbar at the top of the workspace allows users to take advantage of various selection and drawing tools, while also offering the option to easily insert images into diagrams.

During our testing, we noticed that there was no option to view the available libraries in a list and to select a specific one from there. Instead, users need to shuffle through all existing libraries until the desired one appears. Additionally, we've noticed that the app's window can not be resized or minimized, although they represent usability features that many users appreciate a lot.

All in all, Edraw Diagram Component is a reliable utility for all those interested in building various types of diagrams in no time. Although it misses some usability features, the software comes with a variety of drawing tools and templates for increased flexibility, and with support for a wide range of output file formats.