A well-designed infographic can help you get your point across and makes it much easier for your audience to grasp various concepts. However, creating high-quality infographics is not easy if you do not have experience with advanced graphic design software.

Edraw Infographic is an intuitive software utility that serves as an alternative to complex graphic editors that are not particularly novice-friendly. It is suitable even for inexperienced users, and it includes numerous helpful templates.

The first steps are usually the most challenging when working on a new project, as you do not have a good idea of how everything should be laid out, especially if you have little or no graphic design experience.

Thankfully, Edraw Infographic provides you with useful templates that can get you started on the right track. Moreover, you can take advantage of the extensive image library that it puts at your disposal.

The application packs a pretty impressive set of features, and novices will most likely appreciate the intuitive way in which they are laid out. You can access everything you need easily, and shapes can be added to the infographic using drag and drop actions.

Edraw Infographic also provides you with a user guide that can be viewed within the main application window. It is very detailed, and it includes helpful screenshots.

Once you have completed a project, you can save your infographic to numerous raster, vector and document formats, such as JPEG, PNG, PDF, SVG, HTML, DOCX and XLSX. Of course, you can also print it directly, as well as send it via e-mail.

On the whole, Edraw Infographic is a great software solution for users who wish to great great-looking infographics without relying on cumbersome graphic design apps. It comes with an extensive shape library and multiple useful templates suitable for various types of projects.